Terms of service.

Last updated June 7th. 2021

Thank you for choosing Herbaweb Web Services, hereafter called (“Herbaweb”, “we”, “us”, “our”).
Our policy is absolute transparency and 100% customer satisfaction. Our terms are easy to understand and we have no fine print. We want all our clients to feel safe and comfortable using our services.


Short version:

We will design your website, host and manage it for you, all for a small monthly subscription. As long as you keep paying the subscription fee, your website will be active and running. You can cancel anytime you wish.

Cookies and tracking.

We use cookies on our website as well as website we create for our clients, for the purpose of tracking, analytics and improving visitor experience.

Subscription services.

Our services are offered as all-inclusive packages, everything you need is included in your subscription. You get the following as standard in all subscriptions:

Basic package
Pro package

Supported Languages

English is the base language of all websites and E-shops.

– English cannot be replaced by other languages.

– Any other language than English will be added to the website as an addon.

– The language shown to the visitor is determined by their browser language. If browser language not available on the website, English will be shown. 

– Visitor has the option to choose the preferred language.

Addon services

Changes and updates


We believe in price transparency, the price you see on our website is the price you pay, no more no less.  Our prices are fixed and will not change without prior warning 30 days in advance.

Our pricing model is simple 


The one-time setup fee is paid at signup. Payment of subscription after completion of our work, which is typically 14 days. Our work is considered completed when the design is finished and a functional website is delivered. 

– At signup, you will pay the one-time setup fee.

– 14 days after sign up, you will pay for your first month’s subscription.

We only accept digital payment.

– We only accept online payment via credit card or debit card through our website using stripe or Payal.

– Your monthly subscription is a recurring payment as is automatically charged to your account/card.

– Automatic recurring payments are mandatory. 

We do NOT accept cash payment or cheques.

Payment security

We secure all payments through several layers of security.

Paymwnt Fees

We do not charge any Fees for Payment transactions.

Late payment

Our systems are fully automated, which means late payment will result in, an automatic suspension of your account.  As soon as we register your payment, your account will be reactivated. There are no fees for account reactivation, the process is automated.


When you purchase a subscription with Herbaweb, you are buying the right to use the design and system we deliver as long as you are paying your monthly subscription. The subscription covers the creation of the website, the systems running the website, maintenance, hosting, and the content. 

Following terms apply
Transfer of ownership

The ownership of the website can be transferred to the client for a fixed fee determined by Herbaweb. Transfer of ownership can only take place by explicit written permission from Herbaweb.

Fees for transfer of ownership

All copyright for the content belongs to their respective authors, hereunder Herbalife Nutrition or any other name given author mentioned directly in the article and recipe section.

Restrictions and limitations

All Hosting of subscription-based solutions cannot be placed with any third party and must reside on Satrap servers.

Email account are included in our packages and are as standard hosted by Satrap. Email accounts are exempt from mandatory hosting on Satrap servers and can be hosted on any third-party server of your choice.

Our subscription packages do not include custom code, development of modules, and plugins. If you need any custom work done on your website, this will be at an extra fee of €75/hour.


We want our clients to feel comfortable and safe using our services. Therefore we do not bind our clients to any contract for any period of time. How long you wish to stay with us is 100% your decision.

You can cancel your subscription by the end of your payment period, by simply filling out the cancellation form at the latest 7 days prior to the renewal of your monthly subscription. If you do not cancel timely we will cancel your subscription the month after your request. we do not offer refunds for cancellation requests that are not sent to us at the latest 7 days before renewal.

If you have subscribed to our annual plan you can cancel at any time, however, we do not offer any kind of refund for any remaining time on your subscription.


You the client are solely responsible for the content on your website delivered by you.  You will be held responsible for any content which could be in violation of any law or regulations.

You the client are solely responsible for any sales made on your website.

You the client are solely responsible for the delivery of any product or services sold on the website.

All Monetary transactions that take place on the website are between you the client, your customers, and your payment gateway provider Stripe or/and Paypal.

Herbaweb cannot be held liable for any action taken or decision made by Paypal or Stripe.

You the client must accept and abide by Stripe and Paypal policies.

You the client must abide by local law as well as EU regulations.

You the client are solely responsible for complying with GDPR. 

Personal Data.

Your personal data

We collect and save the following information for invoicing purposes and sending out information regarding your subscription. We may contact you by email to suggest improvements, updates, and upgrades to your subscription.

We collect:

  • Your name
  • Company name
  • Phone number
  • Email
  • Mailing address
  • Payment information

We do not use your personal information for third-party advertisement.

We do not sell nor give your information to any third party.

Your personal data is kept in accordance with EU regulations.

If approached by the local authorities regarding an ongoing criminal investigation, we are obligated by law to, transfer your data to the respective authorities.

Only trusted employees of Herbaweb have access to your personal data, on a need-to-know basis.

For more information read our privacy policy

Your customer personal data

You are solely responsible for how you treat and use the personal data provided to you by your customers.

Our systems collect and save this data for you on secure servers, in order to protect the privacy of your customers.

Herbaweb is in no way responsible for your use of the personal data provided to you by your customers.

If your treatment and use of sensitive information provided to you in any way harm Herbaweb’s reputation, Herbaweb preserves the right to cancel your account without any prior warning.

Email accounts and Spam

Your email account is for communication with your customers. 

You are not allowed to use Herbaweb email servers for mass emailing that can be considered spam and hurt our server rankings.

If you wish to send out a newsletter you must use the proper tools. you are not allowed to send direct email marketing in mass with your email account.

If you wish to send out mass emails, such as marketing emails or newsletters let us know and we will provide you with the tools for a small fee. These tools provide you with much more than just the ability to send mas emails. They make sure your emails are delivered properly and provide you with statistics.

You are in no way allowed to use our systems for spamming.

Herbaweb preserves the right to suspend your account if there is any indication of misuse of our email servers.

These terms are subject to change with 30 days’ notice.