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Everything you need is included

All Inclusive

Everything you need to go online in one place. Herbaweb is all about making getting online easy. You will get everything from the domain name, email addresses, hosting, design, content, e-shop and continuous maintenance and updates.

Custom Design
Minimum effort on your part


Imagine getting your unique custom designed website, with minimum to zero effort on your part. All the planning, design, and content is done without the need for your involvement, all you need to do is tell me your wishes.

Sell more online
Sell Online 24/7


Grow your network and sell all your Herbalife products online. With the Herbaweb e-shop, it has never been easier. Why limit your sales to your working hours when you can sell 24/7 with an E-shop. 

+100 Articles
Products, Articles and Recipes


All content has already been prepared for you by Herbaweb. the website comes ready with content about Herbalife, articles on healthy living, and recipes. The E-shop is packed with all available Herbalife products ready to be sold online.

Reach further
English + any language of your choice

Multi language

All websites have English as the standard language and you have the option to choose one extra complimentary language. You can also purchase addon languages if you need more than 2 languages for your website.

24/7 Support
Always here to assist you

Amazing Support

Everything is managed for you 24/7. The website, e-shop, plugins, and security are continuously updated. You can get help by filling out the online form or using the Herbaweb chat, you are guaranteed a response within 12 hours.

Hi, I'm Cyrus

I am a software engineer and web designer with more than 20 years of experience. After working with several Herbalife Independent Distributors, and realizing there is a need for professionally designed websites and E-shops, I decided to start the project Herbaweb, to help Herbalife Independent Distributors promote and sell your products and grow the Herbalife Network.

I offer the most complete Websites for Herbalife Independent  Distributors, with a unique and custom design for each website.

* I am an independent web developer and do NOT have any direct associations with Herbalife.
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Articles & Recipes
Herbalife products

With more than 200 articles and recipes, and 86 products in different languages, Herbaweb offers the most complete website for any Independent Herbalife distributor anywhere in the world. New articles are added on regular basis.

Unique Custom Designs
Some of my work


Lila Wellness Herbalife Disclaimer
Nutrilife Today Herbalife Disclaimer
Wellnesite Herbalife Disclaimer
Lila Wellness Landing Page
Nutrilife Today Website English + Greek
Wellnesite Website English + Greek
Lila Wellness Order Checkout page
Wellness Balanace Website English + Greek
Wellness Balance Order Checkout page
Herbaweb all inclusive
Focus on selling and growing your network

Minimum Effort

The time and effort you have to put in the creation of the website are minimal as everything is done by Herbaweb. The design, the content everything from A-Z is delivered by Herbaweb. You will need to provide us with some basic information and your wishes, for customization of the website to your needs and wants.  

Fully managed
Complete package with everything you need!

What will you get



Custom Design

Domain name

10GB Hosting

Email address

Facebook Messenger

Online Payment

Wellness Profile

Multi language

+100 Articles

+60 recipes

86 Herbalife Products

24/7 Support



Got Questions?
Frequently Asked Question


Do I get my own personal blog?

Yes a personal blog is included in the package, and we can activate it upon your request, so you can tell your story.

Who creates and deigns the website, do I have to do it myself?

You do not have to do anything. The creation and design of the website and E-shop is done by Herbaweb.

I don't have a logo can you help me with one?

No need to worry if you don’t have a Logo, we will create a simple logo for you as a free gift. 

Do I have to create any content?

You will need to deliver some limited content such as a description about you. All the standard content such as About Herbalife, articles, recipes and products are delivered by Herbaweb.

Can I add Extra Content?

Yes you can add unlimited content to the website, just send us the content and we will add it for you.

Can I make changes to the standard Content?

Yes you can make any changes you wish.

No, we have absolutely no association to Herbalife Nutrition. Herbaweb is and independant web development company with focus and exepertese in websites for Herbalife Nutrition independent Member / Distributors.

Why should I choose Herbaweb solution?

Herbaweb has only one goal and which is to service Herbalife Nutrition Independent Members. We know what you need, we know what we are doing and follow the Herbalife guidelines with regards to the use of their copyrighted material such as logos or colors.

Do you also do social media marketing?

All websites and E-shops created by Herbaweb are setup for use with Opengraph and prepared for Social Media. However we do not offer Social Media services.

Will my website be Search Engine Optimized (SEO)?

Yes All Websites and E-shops created by Herbaweb are SEO optimised.

Which Languages do Herbaweb websites support?

At the moment we support English, Greek, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, French, German, Spanish and Italian. We will continuously add more languages. If you want to use a language which is not supported, we can implement it for you, if you deliver the translation.

Questions? Get in touch!

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